Still Life Gallery

“Vanitas” 2019 40x50cm oil on linen
“Vanitas” 2023 oil on linen 40x50cm
“Oil a Board” probably my first serious still life attempt from 2011 oil on panel 20x30cm 7.8×11.8in
“Autumn Tea” 40x50cm / 15.7×19.7 2018 oil on canvas. To me it was interesting to take objects that have been in the family for many years and are either already antiques or bordering a century old. I wanted to depict them in a very atmospheric way and make the painting breathe their age. The pine cone is there to symbolize that like the kettle, spoon, cup and saucer, it has long since served it’s main purpose, yet it is still a thing of beauty.
“Serenity” 2018 40x50cm / 15.7×19.7in Oil on canvas Years ago a fellow artist brought me a “Berkemeijer” glass replica from a Dutch museum. I fell in love immediately and have painted it years ago. Now that I found a wonderful hand blown saucer and jug in the same color, I decided it was time to paint it again. I chose to only paint glass and have the focus be on how the light reflects on all the little bumps, sometimes using very thick and bold brushstrokes, other times by using very tiny sable brushes. To me the empty glassware symbolizes calm and inner peace and emptyness of mind, allowing the light to pass through to your core,unhindered by foggy stress and murky thoughts.
“The lonely Pumpkin” 2018 40x50cm / 15.7×19.7in Oil on canvas. I wanted to paint this beautifully patterned pumpkin and decided to do away with my feelings that said “You can’t depict an object alone in a still life.” It kind of resembles what I feel like some times: Wanting to connect with others, communicating the many things that I am, sharing dreams, and memories, but just not finding the right words to get it across.
“King Solomon” 2018 Eilat stone and copper temple. 12×17,5cm/4.7×6.9in oil on panel. I found this cute little copper church sitting on a shelf, waiting for me to take it home. To me the colors immediately screamed Eilat stone, which is, according to legend, a copper ore from the mines of king Solomon. I decided to show the little Eilat stone that was my late grandmother’s, standing in front of the church, coming to the realization that it was part of the raw material that made up this little temple. It symbolizes that many imperfect people can improve and work together, to eventually build something bigger than themselves.
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