Retro Gaming Series Gallery

On this page I’ll be showing my latest series of still life paintings. I have such fond memories of long summer holidays playing videogames. When I got my hands on some of those old friends again, I felt an overwhelming feeling of nostalgia. It reminded me of childhood innocence and a time when the world didn’t feel so rushed and complicated. Just enjoying long summers and cold lemonades that went along so well with playing the classics of the day.

“Vanitas” 2023 oil on linen 40x50cm
“360” 2023 30×24 cm oil on acm mounted linen.
“Playtime” 2023 30x24cm oil on canvas
Oil on lead primed linen panel.
“Bittersweet” 30x24cm oil on panel 2022
30×24 oil on lead primed linen on board


“Blissful days” 2020 30x24cm oil on lead primed linen panel
Painting this brought back a lot of good memories. Hopefully it will bring your thoughts back to better times as well.




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