Portrait Gallery

“Girl with the ghetto glasses” 2022 featured in the “My girl with a pearl” exhibition at the Mauritshuis museum
Family portrait
6 hour alla prima from life during Patrick Byrnes’ workshop
Portrait of an alpaca
Portrait of David, 5 hour alla prima painting done during Patrick Byrnes’ workshop
Alla prima portrait 3 hours from the live model during Patrick Byrnes’ workshop
“Selfie” 2018 24x30cm/9.5×11.8in oil on canvas. I wanted to paint these awesome little guys in a way that they would want to photograph themselves, so I let them help take the reference together. I’m really happy with how it turned out!
“Portrait of a book man” 2022 40x30cm/15.7×11.8in oil on canvas
“Portrait of Edwin” 2020
60x50cm/23,6×19,6in oil on linen
“Man dressed as shepherd” Mastercopy after Jan Olis, done mostly in the Gorcums museum, next to the original
At work doing the preliminary drawing for my mastercopy
“Joop” 2019 30x24cm/11.8×9.5in oil on canvas.
The wonderful reference photo (taken by Johannes van Camp) of this awesome little guy is seen on half of the bus stops in my town, as a poster for the local “month of tolerance” . This portrait painting was a surprise for his father, Marco van Trigt, a fellow artist. Joop did an amazing job keeping it a secret from his dad (very tough for a 9 year old!!)
Portrait of a little princess 2019 75x50cm/29.5×19.5in Oil on canvas



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